A Great Letter-to-the-Editor in the CC Times! - No Pleasant Hill Tax - the "No on Measure T" campaign
We couldn't have said it better! Great letter Dave!

No on Measure T

"At a time when many Pleasant Hill residents are really feeling the pinch of the recession and have had to make their own budget cuts, now is not the time to raise taxes via Measure T.

The City Council should be ashamed of itself for even considering asking the public to approve this unnecessary tax hike. The city should use the rainy day fund to make up shortfalls and also cut bloated city overhead.

The scare tactic the council is using is disingenuous; i.e. police services will have to be cut. This should be and will be the last service that gets cut.

City employees should first be asked to contribute toward their own retirement fund. This alone would make up a large percentage of the budget shortfall.

Enough is enough! Manage the city properly and not on the backs of the public and local businesses. There are no more extra dollars to be extracted from cash-strapped residents. Taxing essential utility services is wrong."

Dave Lueders

Pleasant Hil

11/2/2010 17:02:25

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5/30/2012 21:13:29

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